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Schools Forum: February 2015 Meeting

Just a quick report from the February 2015 meeting of Schools Forum. I note that Chris Kiernan has started circulating a newsletter of Schools Forum news to schools, so I will try to keep the overlap with these updates minimal.

The “Spend to Save” proposals for SEN provision came back to Schools Forum and were approved on the basis of a more thorough costing and a shift in apportionment of costs between sectors to equalise overall proportionate reduction between primary and secondary. While I think that for fairness, it would make more sense to equalise proportionate AWPU reduction, this still seems to be a plausible way forward, and amounts to a 0.23% reduction in funding in the short term, in order to recoup greater savings in the long term.

We had a presentation on the new School Effectiveness Plus software solution for school improvement. For those schools who are already subscribers to Target Tracker, the major innovation seems to be a way that schools can construct a structured SEF and use it to identify partner schools with complementary strengths.

I was misquoted in the draft minutes of the last meeting regarding election procedures to Schools Forum: what I actually suggested was that if there are n schools forum places then each school should have n votes, unlike recently where there were three governor vacancies but schools were only given one vote each. This principle was accepted.

I noted that the LA has not yet circulated the updated wording of the Scheme for Financing Schools that moves from a flat rate school contribution to capital expenditure to one based on pupil numbers, as previously agreed. I was told this will be circulated shortly.

Schools Forum agreed a significant increase in LA contribution to the funding of EPHA and ESSHA, from £10k to £55k per annum, which should hopefully help to give primary heads in Essex a stronger and more organised voice.


February Schools Forum: Agenda

The agenda for the February 2015 meeting of Essex Schools Forum is below. If schools have particular concerns or points they would like to raise, please comment here or send me an email. Many thanks!

Colour Author Voting / Relevance
1. Apologies for Absence (and substitute notices) Chair

Discussion/Decision Papers

2. ‘Spend to Save’ Proposals for More In-County Provision for SEN Pupils Blue Chris Kiernan All Schools
3. Early Years & Childcare Update Green Stav Yiannou All Schools
4. Funding for Headteacher Associations Yellow Chris Kiernan All Schools
5. Growth Fund 2015/16 Lilac Graham Ranby All Schools
6. PFI Affordability Gap 2015/16 Peach Aidan Randall All Schools
7. DSG Budget 2015/16 Pink Yannick Stupples-Whyley All Schools

Confidential Discussion / Decision Papers

8. [redacted]

Forum Business

9. Any other business and feedback from schools through Associations

Feedback from Schools Forum representatives on other Bodies

Minutes of SEN Sub Group


Chair All schools
10. Minutes of 3 December 2014 White Chair All schools

Information Papers:

11. School Effectiveness Plus (Presentation) Alison Fiala & Liam Donnison All Schools
12. Third Quarter Budget Update 2015/16 Yellow Yannick Stupples-Whyley All Schools
13. Finance Review Group Update Lilac Yannick Stupples-Whyley All Schools
14. Pupil Premium Funding Peach Yannick Stupples-Whyley All Schools
15. External Funding Opportunities and Annual Report Pink Yannick Stupples-Whyley All Schools
16. Forward Plan Blue Yannick Stupples-Whyley All Schools
17. Election of Chair and Vice-Chair Yannick Stupples-Whyley
18. Closing Comments

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