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A vacancy has arisen on Schools Forum, the “parent body” of the finance review group, for a maintained primary school governor. Schools Forum is an influential statutory body; terms of reference can be found here. I have submitted a self-nomination form. If there are several candidates, then there will be an election in September or October 2014. Please keep an eye out for this and vote for me! My 100 word election address (in case it goes to election) is below. In particular, I will ensure that – if elected – I will keep small schools in Essex up to date through this blog and will ensure that the voice of small schools is never lost.

I am Chair of Governors at Langham Primary School in North East Essex. I am also a professor at Imperial College London. I am a STEM ambassador and believe passionately in providing the best opportunities in life for all children. I have significant school finance experience, and have, in recent years, served on the group responsible for reviewing Essex LA proposals for our funding formula. I hope to provide a strong voice for all our children, and am committed to consulting with and keeping the electorate informed throughout my tenure on Schools Forum.



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