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Essex Review of 13/14 Funding

Hot on the heels of last night’s DfE consultation, I hear from Mr Stupples-Whyley that Essex will soon reconvene the SGRG to study the impact of the changes we proposed last year and see whether any changes should be made. I would be delighted to take along any comments you have from your own circumstances: please feel free to email them to me at


DfE Review of 13/14 Funding Arrangements

I have only recently been made aware that the DfE is reviewing the 2013/14 funding arrangements. Unfortunately the consultation closes tonight (!) but I have prepared my own response on behalf of Langham’s governing body. This can be found at Langham-review-of-2013-14-funding and I would encourage any late-night blog readers to send in their own responses!

Vacancies on Schools Forum

There are currently vacancies on Schools Forum: please consider whether you have any colleagues who would be suitable, as this body is responsible for a large part of the funding decisions facing schools in Essex.

Unfortunately, the two candidates must be from a Junior School and a Secondary Academy, respectively. This rather excludes small schools, as small junior schools often long-ago combined with nearby small infant schools. I still believe that small schools are seriously under-represented on Schools Forum due to this issue.

Self nominations should go to



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