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Consultation Response: A Draft

I have drafted a response to the LA’s consultation, which can be found here: I hope this draft is useful for schools, and I hope that some of the arguments made in this draft can be incorporated into readers’ responses.

In particular, I would urge schools to respond to two questions – even if you do not respond to any others:

Q2: Lump Sum. It is very important that schools say “Yes”, they support the LA proposal of a ¬£150k lump sum. This is an important step forward for small schools after the problems we faced last year, and it is important that we show support.

Q4: As I previously pointed out, the LA is not following the advice of the review group in this matter, and is proposing an alternative that could lead to severe underfunding of SEN in areas of low deprivation. It is important to ensure that all schools receive sufficient funding to cover their pupils on School Action and School Action+.

As always, I am happy to respond to any queries or concerns schools have. You can leave a comment on this post or email me at


Funding Consultation Released

The consultation with schools has now gone live on Essex Schools Infolink. I will be posting my own response to the consultation on this blog as soon as I have a chance to draft it. Please note that the consultation closes on 19th September 2012, and it is important that schools respond. I’m happy to clarify any query readers may have about the consultation.

Proposed Funding Model Available

Tomorrow is Schools Forum. As a result, the papers have gone up here, and interested schools can not only see what the consultation paper looks like, but can see the modelled impact on all schools in Essex by downloading the spreadsheet here. Unfortunately, the final version of the spreadsheet going to Schools Forum lacks clarity, in my view, over what element of next year’s funding would be made up from the funding formula versus that made up from the MFG allocation. I believe this needs to be made clear, and have passed on this view to the LA and the Chair of the SGRG.

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